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Project Description
Sharepoint List Security Manager configures who should have Read/Write items for your list/library across your farm.
The utility allows you to set List/Library Read permissions to: a) All Items b) Only their own
Write permissions to: a) All Items b) Only their own c) None

Features of this utility
Sharepoint does not allow you to modify Read-Write permissions for a document library directly, so if there are two users who have contributor access on a document library, they both will be able to modify/delete each others documents. I had a similar issue for my Knowledge base document library, i created this generic utility to set the Read-Write permissions for any list/document library in a server farm. This utility proved very effective in my case, as we had lots of document libraries. Besides that we can even use it for other types of Sharepoint Lists like Image Library, Master page galleries, Pages library etc...

The utility is developed using Windows Forms in C#, it is very intuitive and user-friendly.
Download and extract the Sharepoint List Security file in your Sharepoint farm, run the setup.exe file to install the utility. Double click on "SharePoint List Security Manager.exe" that appears as a shortcut on your desktop.

More about this utility on my personal blog site.

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